About Us

First and Foremost, as paranormal investigators and members of the paranormal field, we would like to state that in what we do, we are not in any shape or form trying to convince anyone that the paranormal is real. We have come together as a team to try and answer questions that many people may have that deals along the lines of what they think “may” be paranormal. Our goal is to try our best to provide information and answers that our clients, friends, and general public have questions about.

PCH Paranormal Team Members:

Rob Hernandez

Rob Hernandez


Ian Hernandez


Erik Vanlier






As a team, we feel strongly that over 90% of paranormal claims made or brought to us can be answered or debunked by simple and natural logic. We base everything we do around science. As we all know from our learning days in school and doing experiments in classrooms, if an occurrence can be replicated and give the same results over and over again, the experiment becomes fact because the answer has been proven multiple times. For example: If a door is stated to open on its own inside a location, we as a team try to experiment and find ways to make the door open on its own. We do this until we feel there is no other options in that given situation. If we are able to constantly make the door open, we have just validated and debunked a claim of activity. If we are not able to create or produce a logical explanation for why the door may be opening, that is when we begin to look at the possibility of paranormal activity.  We enter all locations with skeptical minds to try and answer or disprove a claim of a ghost or haunting before we EVER state that it could be something paranormal.

Members of this team have all had their own personal experiences with the paranormal. From childhood to recent encounters, we all have had things happen to us whether it was physically, verbally, or emotionally that we could not explain. We believe that the paranormal is real…but as a team, when we deal with our clients and the public, we can only believe if the science provides us the evidence to prove our statements and validate those claims of activity. If we can not capture an occurrence with our video, audio, or photography, the occurrence becomes just a personal experience. Some teams and investigators will use personal experiences as evidence to state that what happen was true, but without the evidence of video, audio, or photography to prove a statement, the credibility of the story rides on thin ice.

We are a group of normal individuals who take the paranormal very seriously. Most of us are parents and have regular jobs.  Our experiences in the paranormal field have brought us together. We have became close not because we are infatuated with ghost, stories of the paranormal, or haunted locations. We have vowed as a team to help those in need and to find answers to claims of activity. Our goal is to reach out and help those who need us. We are here to help.