Welcome to Pacific Coast Haunts Paranormal! PCH Paranormal is a team of Paranormal Investigators based in the Southern California. We are a dedicated paranormal group to assist residents and businesses with paranormal activity. While we focus on paranormal investigations in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Bernardino Counties). With this being stated, please note that depending on the location of a potential client, we may not be able to accept every investigation due to distance of travel. If this does occur, please note that we are friends and work with many paranormal teams and affiliates around the United States. If we are unable to accept the investigation, we will gladly, with your permission, find you a paranormal team that we have the upmost respect and trust in to help you with your claims.  We have 40 years of experience in the paranormal field.

Please read further so that we can lay out for you who we are and what we do. First of all, we make it a priority on each case to gain the respect of our clients and give them the peace of mind that we are genuinely there for their well-being. We want to establish a trust long before we begin an investigation. In fact, before every investigation our team is looking to create that bond initially by listening to and documenting the client’s claims and any information pertaining to the history of the location. This helps us to pinpoint better the experiences one is having and how it relates, if at all, to the history of the location. Depending on the age of the location, more research may be acquired through past residents if they can be reached, documented records and news clippings or info acquired from local historians. In order to shed light on occurrences our team uses the scientific method in addressing claims of the paranormal. We investigate using audio recording devices, video surveillance equipment , temperature measuring devices, electromagnetic field detectors, cameras, motion detectors, laser grids, etc. These devices are used in order to gather evidence and to logically debunk claims. Our schedule will be based on the client’s needs and we will consult with that person on all matters including dates, times, number of investigators on site, etc. We DO NOT practice any form of religious ceremonies, perform séances, use psychics or mediums. What you get from us is hard scientific evidence. Our intentions are to deliver our clients the truth without filter. We analyze all the information we obtain after an investigation and from the evidence we gather if any is found, we present it to the client for review. We place the highest priority on confidentiality, professionalism, and helping those who are looking for answers. Our sevices are free of charge of charge and our only gain is in helping those who need help or the reward of your trust in obtaining permission to investigate your location. We have documents that guarantee confidentiality, documents that state we are liable for any damage to property or possessions and those which wave any injuries to a team member while on your premises. Our services have been trusted by countless residences and businesses in the Southern California area. PCH Paranormal wants to help you as well. If you feel like your location may be experiencing paranormal activity, and you’re afraid or just curious and want more answers, contact us. Our goal is to find answers and make people feel safe. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.